Two little boys call me Mama.
One has special needs.
There is so much more to us….. but that is mostly what this blog is all about.

I write for myself. I write of my struggles. I tend to write when I am desperate to sort things out. Some posts I do not even share.
This is for me. It’s not always pretty. But if you can relate, welcome to my blog.

My younger son did not follow the typical path of child development. After going through cycles of wondering, worrying, seeking help, thinking everything might be ok, noticing more problems, and looking for more answers, we finally got a diagnosis of Fragile X Syndrome this summer. He is almost 4.

My other little boy is an old soul in a 5-year-old body who is obsessed with trains and loves Kindergarten. His little brother is his best friend.

There is also my husband, my best friend who I have been with since we were only 18. Together we juggle the boys and their many needs and quirky interests – and try to squeeze in a little time for ourselves and each other.

Our lives are chaotic and colorful and fun and messy and messed up and challenging. Our home is full of love and laughter, tears and meltdowns, music and books and movies and photos and artwork, and plenty of crunchy snacks. If you try to walk through our living room you are very likely to trip over trains, shoes, toys, or guitars.


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